MechNet Has Reimagined
Technology Education

Our breakthrough lesson plans takes teaching Engineering Technology and Physics from plain theory to hands-on real-life experiments  that interest the student to learn, and keep learning.

By providing media-rich learning tools in place of large and expensive Mechanical Engineering and Physics lab equipment, we’ve equalized the quality of education and tools across the board. Home schooled and low-income schools can now achieve the same results as wealthier school districts.

Complex Lessons Simplified

All teachers and home school parents can teach these STEM lessons.
We’ve done the hard work for you and made teaching Engineering and Physics fun.

Many teachers are concerned about adopting a STEM Engineering Technology Curriculum because they are  concerned that they do not understand the complex theories behind many of the subjects.

At MechNet, we solve this issue by providing media-rich blended learning lesson plans that break down the complex theory into easy to understand lessons. One of the ways we do this is by using explainer videos, 3-D CAD animations, and  animated algebraic formulas to simplify the subject matter.

We’ve solved the age-old the problem of having to purchase, store, and maintain expensive laboratory equipment by providing software-based data lab experiments. MechNet combines LabVIEW data acquisition software with actual video and audio footage of wind-tunnels, dynamometers, turbine engines, and more. It works, looks, and feels like the real thing. When a student performs a test, they receive live data updates with instant audio and video responses.

Teachers don’t fret. We included our help videos and tutorials to illustrate how to operate each individual lab experiment.

Watch Sample Videos

Your Students Will Collect Real Data From Hands-on Style Experiments

Students will be using professional data acquisition software and recorded data labs to combine realistic real-world experiments with simulated lab equipment.

Too good to be true? Try it for yourself.