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Mech-Net Remote Laboratory Experiments
Why a Remote Lab?

  1. After enrolling with the Mech-Net Remote Lab, passwords will be issued and you are entered in our scheduling system.
  2. The educator then can schedule when and what equipment they will need to operate.
  3. We currently have two methods of gaining access to the equipment.
    • Method One: If you do have National Instruments LabVIEW loaded on your computer, an Icon is emailed to you to gain access to our server. Once logged into our server, you select what piece of equipment you want to operate. All of the software to operate the equipment resides on our server.
    • Method Two: If you do not have National Instruments LabVIEW loaded on your computer, you will need to download the NIMaq driver (It is a free download). You can get it directly from National Instruments but they have to register on the their site to get access to it. With that you will be able log directly into the data acquisition device with an IP address.
  4. For the video and sound - all of the software resides on our server.
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