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Key Factors to Remote Lab

  • STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) to conduct true STEM education the equipment must be research quality with extremely accurate data.
  • Affordability – By operating the equipment remotely and only paying a small hourly fee to operate the equipment makes the equipment affordable to a much larger audience.
  • Safety – Students are not exposed to moving parts and dangerous fuels in the laboratory
  • No maintenance required by the schools – The laboratory experiment will be set up and ready to run when the student logs in. No models changes or repairs will be required by the technical staff of the school.
  • Access to many different types of equipment – online access for experiments on wind tunnels, single cylindar engines and turbine engines

We have been recently written up in Wind Tunnel Internation 2010. Read what they had to say.

Remote Laboratory Experiments
For STEM Education

See our presentation at Global Wind Tunnel Symposioum, Nov 2-3, Pasadena Convention Center, California

Attending school based conferences we often hear from the education teachers and professors, "I would love to have this equipment in my classroom but I do not have the room for it or my school could never afford it." This is no longer a problem.

The Mech-Net Remote Lab provides the student and professor access to state-of-the-art research quality laboratory wind tunnels, single cylinder engines and turbine engines to conduct real-time, hands-on experiments via the internet at an hourly rate. The Mech-Net Remote Lab is a valuable tool to improving your students' STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education skills.

You can perform your own experiments or use one of Mech-Net established experiments. The Mech-Net laboratory experiments have been designed to expose the students to as many different engineering, science and physics disciplines as possible. These experiments allow your students to not only learn valuable lessons in math and science but also be exposed to problem solving of our current energy and infrastructure needs.

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