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Mech-Net Remote Laboratory Experiments
Remote Lab Capabilities

Equipment available Jan. 1 2011. A Flotek 1440 wind tunnel and Single cylinder are available now for demonstrations and beta testing of the equipment and curriculum.

  1. Wind tunnels – A series of different research quality wind tunnels. Within the various lab experiments will also be lessons on the basics of Aerodynamics, Continuity Equation, Velocity calculations (velocity will be calculated from coefficient of pressure) and Stokes equation to calculate drag. Wind tunnels will be controlled via the computer screen to turn the wind tunnel on and off, Control Motor Speed with loop feedback to allow student to enter a velocity desired and have the motor speed adjusted to obtain Velocity. The Yarn Streamer for the airfoils will be able to be raised and lowered remotely. Pressure transducers will display data to the Graphical Interface Screen.
    1. Flotek 360 wind tunnels  (6” x 6” test section 65 MPH velocity) Venturi and Golf Ball Lab. Pressure taps for venturi/Rake and Sting for golf ball
      • 10 degree Venturi Shape – Continuity Equation
      • 15 degree Venturi Shape- Illustrate Flow Separation
      • Smooth Golf Ball- Illustrate airflow and drag around a standard sphere
      • Dimpled Golf Ball- Illustrated how drag is reduced on the golf ball
    2. Flotek  1440 wind tunnels ( 12” x 12” test section 100 MPH) Airfoil Shape Lab/Pressure taps, Tuffs and Yarn Streamers will be used to show stall propagation and lift  characteristics of the various shape airfoils.
      • NACA 0015 Airfoil – Symmetrical Airfoil
      • NACA 2415 Airfoil – Trainer Airfoil
      • NACA 4415 Airfoil – High Lift Amphibious Aircraft
      • Flat Plane – Illustrates lift can be created from Angle of Attack of a Flat Surface
  2. Wind Turbines & Turbine Kit – Students will be supplied with a kit to design wind turbine blades and generators. The students will send their designs to Mech-Net for testing. Different levels of difficulty and size will be provided to attract a larger audience. The smaller size blades will be based on residential wind turbines and the larger blades will be based on the commercial version.
    • Flotek 1250 – Wind tunnel round test section with mount for wind turbine to allow rotation of the wind turbine
    • Flotek 625 - Wind tunnel round test section with mount for wind turbine to allow rotation of the wind turbine
  3. Internal Combustion Engines – A series of different types of engines will be provided for students to conduct experiments on Thermodynamics and Efficiencies of the engines operating on various types of alternative fuels.
    • Single Cylinder Engine Dynamometer– Engine will be equipped with and eddy current brake sufficient instrumentation to allow students to conduct experiments on various types of alternative fuels. The engine will be equipped with a fuel injection and electronic ignition system to provide a means to vary the engine mixture ratio and ignition timing. This feature will facilitate not only running the engine but change the operating parameters of the engine. 
    • Single Cylinder Diesel Engine- The engine will operate on standard Diesel fuel and Bio-Diesel Fuel.
  4. Turbine Engine – Small Military JFS-100 Turbine Engine. Allow students to start and run engine while collecting data to perform experiments on the performance characteristics of the engine. The engine is mounted on linear bearings to provide a direct thrust reading via a load cell and is equipped with a fuel flow meter to provide an H-S diagram of the energy.  The engine is also equipped with pressure taps and temperature sensors at the various stages of the engine to allow the students conduct different labs using formulas to solve for things such as Calculated thrust, turbine exit velocity and compression ratio.

Future Equipment will include Four Cylinder Engines – Various types of Four Cylinder engines, Micro-Gravity Drop Tower, Rocket Motor Test Stand, Mars Rover, Electric Vehicle / Motor Sports Laboratory, Bridge Building, Roller Coaster and Instrumentation Lab.

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